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When water damage in your apartment occurs things can become quite complicated. In many cases multiple insurance companies must be informed and the building’s owner is often held responsible for the tenants’ losses. Everyone in the building is affected and has to deal with the inconveniences that go along with having water damage. A simple case of flooding or leakage can cause stress for a number of people beyond just a single unit.

As the building owner, we know you want to have your apartment complex’s water damage problems taken care of promptly and expediently. Service Solutions specializes in disaster recovery and renovation following water damage. We employ skilled restoration professionals with years of experience in dealing with apartment buildings. If there has been a water related disaster in your building, we can resolve it quickly and provide valuable assistance in working with insurance companies.

After the initial water damage is resolved, the next step is repairs and restoration. Service Solutions can take care of these as well, providing top-notch renovation and restoration service for apartments to provide a “good as new” result. Rested assured, we have the comprehensive, end-to-end know-how to guide you every step of the way.

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