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Emergency Response Priority Program

When a disaster strikes like a flood or devastating storm, it can impact the entire community. We understand how important prompt recovery and restoration is to your commercial business in these unfortunate situations. You will want peace of mind that someone has your back and is their way to assist.

At Service Solutions, we understand this and have implemented an Emergency Response Priority Program (ERPP) for commercial business owners. This program is specially designed to ensure that each commercial business owner who contacts us in an emergency gets the quick response they require.

Our special VIP program is available to all businesses in San Diego County and the surrounding areas!

During a disaster, the ensuing influx of calls can congest our emergency lines, which can lead to longer waits. While our goal is always to provide an immediate response to all of our callers, in a widespread emergency, this simply is not a possibility. We answer calls in the order that they are received, and then give priority based on the extent of the damage.

To avoid a waiting list you can subscribe to our Water Damage Service Solution Program. This will give your commercial business priority if you are unfortunately affected by a disaster.

When you sign up for this program we collect all of your information and copies of insurance paperwork. This saves valuable time when our services are needed and helps to streamline the process.

A membership carries no obligation; you will just know the right people to call in the event of a serious widespread disaster.

Interested in subscribing to the ERPP? Just contact Service Solutions Today. It is available only in San Diego County and surrounding areas. Contact us today! (760) 290–3017

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