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Service Solutions Restoration is ready to be of service and prepared for any property damage emergency. We are your choice for high quality, efficiency, and professional disaster restoration services in San Diego, Riverside, and Orange County.
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Water Damage

We offer a full line of water damage restoration services, including flood cleanup, water removal, and more in and around San Diego.

Fire Damage

We provide reliable and fast fire restoration and smoke damage repair services in the Southern California area.

Mold Services

Discovering mold is a nightmare for any building owner or caretaker. Mold can develop in as little as 48 hours wherever excessive moisture.

Structure Repairs

When an emergency situation occurs, you want to get the matter resolved as quickly as possible, we have the experience.

The best local 24-hour and emergency water damage restoration service.

We are there every step of the way.

Our team at SERVICE SOLUTIONS RESTORATION understands that when an unforeseen circumstance occurs, it is more than just your belongings that are left damaged.

Emergencies can be devastating, frustrating, and not make sense. This is where our team sheds knowledge of what and where to go next.

Service Solutions Restoration has the experience to repair your home or commercial property efficiently and professionally. Every client is considered an opportunity to build a new long-lasting relationship.

We are there to address your concerns, answer your questions, and get your property back to its pre-loss condition. We also want to be your resource for future questions, concerns, preventative measures, or anything else in between.

A locally owned and operated company.

Based in San Diego, CA, our team takes pride in serving all locations in the San Diego, Orange County, and Riverside County communities. We specialize in property damage recovery services, including water damage and removal, fire damage, smoke damage, and mold damage. We also are experts in the field of construction and renovation.  We are there every step of the way to ensure your property is back to its pre-loss condition.

In the event of an emergency, it is our promise that our equipped, trained, and professional team will be right there to salvage and restore your property to the very best of our ability.

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Types Of Water Damage: Water Categories

When you have water damage or flooding there are different classifications of the water involved.  It depends on what has gone wrong in your home or building, but each of these requires slightly different approaches by a professional.

Category 1: Clean Water

Clean water is generally considered clear or potable water that is from the water supply and hasn’t been used for any purpose.  This water doesn’t have any major contaminants.  Clean water damage and flooding generally comes from cracked, leaking, or accidentally disconnected pipes and hoses.

Category 2: Gray Water

This is contaminated water that has been used for general purposes or comes from natural sources such as flooding from rivers or rainwater.  Other sources of gray water are toilet overflows without solid waste, leaking drain pipes, and broken appliance drainage such as washing machines or dishwashers.

Category 3: Black Water

This is seriously contaminated water that could cause severe illness if contact is made with it without protective gear.  This is generally sewage and other sources that have human or animal waste.  Do not attempt to clean this up yourself – professionals must be called.


Top Rated Water Damage Restoration San Diego

We Are There Every Step of The Way

Having a water damage emergency can be a terrible experience, but when disaster strikes the faster you call in the pros the better off you will be. The crew at Service Solutions Restoration are experts at professional water damage restoration and damage remediation – with industry-standard tools, integrity, and an all in one water removal and repair procedure, we are the only call you will have to make.

Let our attention to detail and integrity put your mind at ease.

Our Water Damage Repair Procedure

Service Solutions Restoration excels at a quick, all-inclusive procedure:

  • Removal of all water
  • Professional drying of any wet space and material
  • Expert repair and reconstruction of any damages to like-new condition


Do I Need A Plumber? Do You Provide Leak Detection?

If you have a leak or flood due to a plumbing emergency, a plumber may not do a complete job of drying and repairing any damage. In this case, you will be vulnerable to mold developing in damp spaces that haven’t been adequately dried and cleaned before being put back together or repaired.

Common causes of flooding are burst pipes, cracked pipes, sewage backups, clogs, and malfunction of appliances such as dishwashers and washing machines.

Not only can Service Solutions Restoration help you repair the damage to your plumbing, but we can also professionally clean, dry, and repair any damage that was caused by the water.

What If I Have a Sewage Issue?

If you have a genuine sewage emergency, call us immediately to discuss the steps to save your property from further damage. We will ensure that all water and sewage is disinfected and removed safely so that no odor will remain and the area will be healthy moving forward. Leaving sewage damage to non-professionals can leave you stuck with odors for quite a long time, not to mention bacteria and mold growth.

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