Mold Damage Tips for Homeowners

Have You Recently Discovered Mold in Your Home? Some Important Things to Know About Mold:

Discovering mold in your house can be a surprising and an unsettling feeling. Once the shock has subsided, chances are you will have many questions about next steps. It’s a good idea to immediately contact a mold remediation expert to come in and take care of it. Service Solutions provides 24/7 emergency assistance for mold removal. Once you have contacted us and explained your case, a mold removal expert will be immediately dispatched to your home. However, in the meantime there are some important things that you should know about mold:

Mold Is in the Air!
Mold is always ubiquitous, meaning that it exists in the air. However, when mold is inside a house the amount of mold in the air can be concentrated and therefore harmful to the human body.

The reason why mold grows is because of moisture; it should be noted that mold is usually the aftermath of water damage or leakage somewhere in the home. For this reason the best way to remove mold from the air in your house is to identify what is causing the mold. Service Solutions can assist with this need.

Consider What Could Be Causing the Mold
If you have recently experienced water damage in your home, including a flood or leak, this could be the cause of mold. Failing to dehumidify and completely remove moisture can often lead to mold growth in the affected area.

If you are uncertain about what could be causing the mold, begin to look for water leaks or issues in the area where the mold was discovered. Service Solutions will also help with identifying the cause of the mold.

Look for Other Problematic Signs
Unfortunately, if mold exists in one space it may exist in others. Immediately after you have identified mold in your house you should be on the lookout for other signs of molding. One of the telltale identifiers is a musty smell. Keep in mind that mold is not always visible; it could exist within the walls or ceiling.

Take Precautions to Avoid Mold Growth
Once you have begun the remediation process to eliminate the mold you will also want to begin to take precautions to avoid future mold growth. Be sure to deal with any water damage, leaks or spills, immediately. Be aware of humid areas in your home where mold may grow. And. be on the lookout for musty smells or strange discolorations.

Finding mold in your home is probably the last thing that you want! The good news is that not all molds are toxic. However, leaving mold and mildew will only cause it to grow and spread throughout the house. For this reason, no matter what type of mold you find, you should have it taken care of by a professional. Service Solutions has years of experience handling mold in residential homes. We will take care of everything and do the job correctly, assuring that the mold will not return—giving you peace of mind and a safe living space.

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