Sewage & Flood Damage Cleanup Tips

How to Cope With Sewage and Flooding in Your Home

Sewage and floodwater can be dangerous when they come into your home or property. This is because sewage and floodwater contain bacteria and microorganisms that pose dangerous health risks. These contaminants can easily be transferred and infect the surfaces and areas they touch. For this reason, when sewage and flooding is involved the best bet is to stay away and let a trained professional safely handle the cleanup.

Service Solutions is experienced in dealing with sewage and flooding as well as the associated risks. They have the appropriate equipment to clean up contaminated areas properly and promptly. The professionals at Service Solutions take sewage and flooding cleanup very seriously. We work diligently to ensure that surfaces such as drywall, carpet, and other absorbent materials are as completely disinfected and that your home is safe for your return.

If your home has been infected by sewage and flood water there are some steps that you can take to minimize damage:

Wash Your Hands and Body That Has Contacted the Contaminated Water
If your body has touched the contaminated water, wash with anti-bacterial soap.

Keep Children and Pets Away!
Take care to ensure that children, pets or elderly relatives do not come into contact with the contaminated water. If possible, remove them from the home until a water damage professional has assessed the space.

Do Not Attempt to Disinfect the Area Yourself
In most cases, over-the-counter germicidal products and disinfecting cleaning products are not effective enough to completely cleanse the space. It is unwise to attempt to disinfect the area yourself without first consulting with an expert. Contaminated water can affect more than just the visible surface. Failing to completely decontaminate the area can lead to illness and unhealthy mold.

Consider All Surfaces to Be Contaminated
Anything the water has touched should be considered contaminated. This means that it should be avoided or touched with extreme caution. If possible, leave the space until a professional is available to assess the damages.

Call a Service Solutions Emergency Cleanup Team Right Away!
The longer the contaminated floodwater is allowed to sit, the more damage will occur. Instead, avoid this by contacting the Service Solutions 24/7 emergency hotline right away. The professionals at Service Solutions will provide you with expert advice on how to proceed safely. Then, within minutes a water damage expert will be dispatched to your home to assist you.

Dealing With Sewage Backup or Floodwater Homeowners in San Diego County, North County San Diego, and Orange County? Do not hesitate to contact Service Solutions as soon as you can!

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