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Water Damage Restoration Service – 24 Hour Same Day Response

If your home has been flooded, what you do next could save you valuable time and money. Let the pros from Service Solutions guide you step-by-step through the entire process, from disaster to oasis.

  • Water Extraction and Removal Services
  • Area Drying and Dehumidification Services
  • Complete Reconstruction


Prompt Action Can Save You Time And Money

If you are experiencing a water damage, flooding, or sewage emergency, acting promptly can save you lots of money down the road.  Water is insidious and can seep deeper and cause more damage the longer it is left sitting.  Service Solutions can quickly remove any water, dry out the area, and determine what steps need to be taken to ensure the complete restoration of your home or building so that no further issues such as mold or structural issues take place.

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Should I Call A Plumber?

If you are experiencing a flooding emergency then a plumber may not have all the tools and equipment necessary to repair and remediate any damage done by the water.  It is crucial that you not only remove any water but ensure that any moisture is completely dry before replacing any flooring or walls.  This is the step that is often skipped over and can cost you thousands of dollars when mold appears, odors develop, or bubbles in your flooring show up.

Service Solutions has the experience and tools to completely dry the space.  Don’t just mop up the water and hope for the best – call us today.  Making sure the job is done right can ensure you don’t end up with a big bill down the road.

Service Solutions Restoration specializes in water damage restoration – don’t settle for anything less.

What if I have a sewage issue?

Service Solutions Restoration also specializes in sewage cleanup and restoration.  This is another issue where acting on the severity of the issue quickly can save you lots of time and money!  We are highly trained to deal with potentially hazardous sewage spills, leaks, and burst pipes.  Don’t be like a recent example where a customer had plumbers deal with a burst sewage line in the backyard and is now dealing with odors!  Let Service Solutions do it right–the first time.

The best local 24 hour and emergency restoration service in all San Diego County. Top rated for same day, repair, and help with all types of damage.

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Complete and Comprehensive Home Restoration Solutions

Service Solutions combines years of experience with industry-leading equipment and technology to properly extract water and dry the affected area!

Once the water is removed and the area is dry, Service Solutions uses top-of-the-line property restoration equipment to get you back to normal.

Regardless of the flood’s severity—whether it’s the result of a natural disaster or a broken water line/pipe—we have what it takes to get it fixed right, the first time.

If you are experiencing a flood emergency our staff is available 24/7 to assist you and can be dispatched to your home at any time!

For more about water damage, see our Frequently Asked Questions.

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