Water Damage Restoration Service

Water Damage Restoration

If your property has been affected by water damage, taking the necessary steps to mitigate the damages will save you valuable time and money. Let Service Solutions Restoration educate you on the process used to mitigate the damages efficiently.

For emergency service, call (760) 290-3017- Our 24 Hour Team will be ready to assist with your emergency.

Service Solutions Restoration specializes in every aspect of water damage mitigation, repair, and renovation:

    • Inspection & Drying Strategy 
    • Water Extraction and Removal Services
    • Demolition Services 
    • Area Drying and Dehumidification Services
    • Complete Reconstruction Services

Have you discovered Water Damage? Act Quickly – Call the Professionals!

water damage remediation project in a bathroom in San Diego, CA
Water damage remediation project done by Service Solutions Restoration

If your property has suffered a water damage emergency, acting promptly and calling the professionals can save yourself time and money. It is important that the damages are mitigated as quickly as possible to avoid further damages. Water is insidious and can seep deeper and cause more damage the longer it is left sitting.  Service Solutions can quickly remove any water, dry out the area, and determine what steps need to be taken to ensure the complete restoration of your home or building so that no further issues such as mold or structural issues take place.

Once our team is involved, we will ensure you are educated on each of the next steps to properly restore your property.

What should you do now? Don’t Worry, We’ve Got You Covered. 

Don’t panic, call 760-290-3017. We will walk you through the steps. 

We will ask you if you are capable of shutting the water off to the property. If not, tell us so we can assist you to do so or call a plumber. 

Notify your insurance company that you have hired a restoration company, and give them our information so we can keep them informed and ensure your claim goes smoothly with proper communication.

Comprehensive Inspection of Damage & Drying Strategy 

Our team combines years of experience with industry leading technology and equipment to properly inspect the affected area. In this inspection, our technicians will also determine the classification of the water that caused the damage as different categories of water call for a different drying strategy. 

Water Damage Restoration Categories 

  • Category 1 : “Clean Water”
    • Category 1 water is from a source that poses no substantial harm to people. 
    • After 48 hours, a Category 1 Loss can become a Category 2 Loss. 
  • Category 2 : “Grey Water”
    • Category 2 water poses health risks due to significant levels of contamination of bacteria, mold, and/or chemicals. 
    • After 48 hours, a Category 2 Loss can become a Category 3 Loss due to rapid bacterial breeding and mold growth.  
  • Category 3: “Black Water”
    • Category 3 water contains disease-causing organisms, toxins, and is grossly unsanitary. 
    • Sources include but are not limited to : Sewage, Rising flood waters…


Image of a room being repaired for water damage in san diego, with the flooring removed
Water damage remediation project done by Service Solutions Restoration

Water Extraction & Area Drying Services

Service Solutions combines years of experience with industry-leading equipment and technology to properly extract water and dry the affected area in a timely manner. Our rapid structural drying will ensure efficiency in drying time and money in the entire process using…

  1. Approved drying industry standards 
  2. Approved industry standards of drying equipment
  3. Drying strategies based on psychrometrics 
  4. Moisture mapping to ensure structure is dried thoroughly 
  5. Real time drying documentation, photos, notes 

Our team will not remove any building material unless necessary for the damages to be mitigated while following protocol. 

Service Solutions Restoration is on your side!

For more about water damage, see our Frequently Asked Questions.



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