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Sewage cleanup san diegoA sewage backup into your home should not be taken lightly. There are major concerns that have to be addressed that go beyond the inconvenience of water damage and flooding. Sewage that contains contaminants can make your family very ill. If not addressed immediately, the bacteria can cause permanent damage and make cleanup nearly impossible!

Top rated local emergency sewage cleanup and removal help.

In order to assure that the impacted areas can be restored, sewage cleanup professionals should be contacted right away. The experienced individuals at Service Solutions Restoration can provide emergency services 24/7 to help deal with sewage backup into your home or business. With years of experience cleaning up water-damaged areas and sewer backups, we know the best approach to tackle the mess promptly and effectively.

Our Process

The first step is to remove any standing water and begin the sanitization process. It is extremely important that the area is completely decontaminated.  This requires special tools and access to proper gear to ensure the safety of both you and our workers.  We then use sophisticated equipment to quickly dry and restore the space. This will help prevent further damage or mold growth.

Differing Levels Of Sewage Backup

There are a few different levels of water and sewer backups, and they all need to be treated properly.

  • Clean Water 

Clean water is water that has no contaminants.  This is generally water from the tap, or water that has not been used for any purpose yet.  This water causes flooding and can be from burst or disconnected pipes, cracks, or other issues.  Although clean water is not a biohazard, incorrect sewage cleanup and repair from clean water can lead to mold, which can be a severe health risk.

  • Gray Water

Gray water is water that is contaminated with some chemicals or urine, such as toilet overflows, washing machine spills or overflows, dishwasher backups and issues, and other similar problems.  This water can cause some odor and initial health issues but isn’t considered extremely hazardous.  However if incorrectly cleaned and restored, gray water can lead to mold and other issues such as uneven flooring.

  • Black Water

Black water is water that is heavily contaminated with feces, chemicals, river overflows, and gray water that has been left standing for quite some time.  This level of contamination could cause severe illness if come into contact with and needs to be treated accordingly.  Do not attempt to clean this up yourself!

We are the best reviewed local company with same day 24 hour response, and can help with repair as well as removal and cleaning.

When there is a sewage backup immediate response is essential. To avoid health problems or serious, lasting damage, your first reaction should be to get in touch with us as soon as possible so we can begin the cleanup process.

What about lingering odors?

Oftentimes people worry about lingering smells and odors from a sewage backup – and this is certainly a concern if you leave the job to a company that is not equipped for the cleanup.  Service Solutions Restoration has two decades of experience in removing sewage spills and ensuring that the entire area is free of contamination.

Can you restore my room or building after a sewage spill?

Yes!  Service Solutions Restoration is San Diego’s top full-service cleaning, remediation, and restoration company. We offer full service; from cleanup, to removing any water-damaged boards or flooring, to restoring it to like-new condition. We leave your home or building looking even better than before.

sewage cleanup san diego

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