Fire Damage Restoration San Diego

Fire Damage Restoration San Diego

A house fire can be a devastating event and life-altering. If the flames do not destroy everything, the smoke and water damage certainly does. The biggest loss is often irreplaceable items like family photos, antiques, heirlooms, artwork, and important documents. At Service Solutions Restoration we understand the immense stress that such a loss can cause and therefore offer advanced restoration services to try and save as much of your property as we can with our fire damage restoration service:

  • Fire, Smoke, and Water Clean Up
  • Odor Removal
  • Repairs and Reconstruction

Can you help me board my home after a fire?

Yes, we can assist with helping to safely board up a home after a fire has occurred.  Let us assist you in this stressful time with securing the area immediately after a fire.

Can you remove smoke damage and odor?

Yes!  Service Solutions Restoration specializes in the more lasting effects a fire can have, including clearing smoke odors and damage.  Smoke odor can linger long after a fire, and therefore it’s important to deal with it properly with industrial tools such as air scrubbers.  We aim to ensure the fire is a thing of the past – completely!

What if there is water damage?

Water damage can often be another challenge after a fire, especially if water has been used to put out the fire itself.  Luckily Service Solutions Restoration is equipped to handle any additional damage after a fire such as flooding or water damage issues.

Can you help me with reconstruction and repairs after a fire?

Absolutely.  Service Solutions Restoration provides a full-service plan, including the restoration of any damage to new or better than before!   Our end-to-end service takes all the worry out of your hands so you can focus on what matters most.

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Fire damage emergency response in San Diego County and Surrounding Areas.  Top rated local emergency fire damage restoration.

Experiencing a fire in your home or business can be a traumatic shock. Luckily, the fire damage restoration experts at Service Solutions are available 24/7 to take care of the clean-up process and help you get back on track.

Contact us anytime, night or day, and we will be there for you, ready to begin the restoration process. As trusted professionals, we provide complete fire damage restoration services. Our end-to-end solution is so thorough you’ll soon leave any bad memories behind you.

Fire board up services in San Diego

At Service Solutions Restoration, we understand the emotional and physical toll that fire damage can take on property owners. In the aftermath of such a devastating event, our dedicated team steps in to offer comprehensive board-up services, ensuring your property’s security and integrity.

Our services are designed to swiftly and effectively seal off damaged areas, safeguarding your property from further harm due to weather, unauthorized entry, or additional hazards. We use only the highest quality materials to board up windows, doors, and other vulnerable areas, offering peace of mind in your time of need.

With our around-the-clock response, expert craftsmanship, and compassionate approach, Service Solutions Restoration is committed to being your reliable partner in restoring safety and stability to your property following a fire.

Complete home recovery available 24/7 – We also help with smoke damage removal and repair.

fire damage restoration service

Our skilled restoration professionals care about you, our customer, first and foremost. We work hard to preserve the structure and integrity of your home and save many of your valuables as possible. At Service Solutions, our compassionate approach to business, unwavering commitment to quality and integrity, and patience and flexibility combine to make an upsetting time easier for you and your family.

We provide fire cleanup services in San Diego County, Riverside County, and Orange County. Contact us today!

For more about Fire Damage, see our Frequently Asked Questions.

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