Water Damage Tips & Tricks

How to Prepare for an Emergency?

The most common reason causes of water damage are storms, bursting pipes, leaking pipes, clogged drains, and broken appliances. Water damage may also be caused by sewage back-up or other sewage issues that bring contaminated water into the home. When these types of incidents occur it’s best to be prepared and know what to do in order to minimize damage and costs. Homeowners can prep for potential water damage by being aware of the steps they can take to lessen damage and keep their families safe.

Things to do in a water damage emergency

Ventilate the Wet Areas
When water is flooding your house in the summer months turning on the air conditioner can help dry the area more quickly. If it isn’t too cold outside, opening up the windows and doors can also help facilitate the drying process. This will also lower the likelihood that mold will grow.

Remove Electronics As Soon As Possible!
The minute that you see water coming in unplug and remove any electronics. Remember, water conducts electricity and having live electronics plugged in can be a real danger. Act quickly and bring your electronic devices up to higher ground. If the flooding happens quickly and there is no time to unplug electronics, turn the power off by switching off the breakers.

Remove Valuables, Heirlooms and Furniture
If there is time, you should take steps to prevent your valuables and heirlooms from being exposed to water. Begin by moving irreplaceable items first. Then, take steps to remove your valuables from the affected area. Larger furniture like bookcases and couches can be dried more easily. These items should be left unless you have enough time and strength to move them.

Dry Small Areas Using Sponges
The best way to dry flat surfaces and small areas is with sponges. Keep some sponges in your home (you can get them at the dollar store) for this purpose.

Remove Wet Area Rugs
If you have a wet area rug, remove it from the floor as soon as possible. A wet rug left sitting can damage the floor underneath it. You can avoid this by rolling it up, or hanging it to dry.

Open Drawers and Cupboards
In order to reduce the chances of mold growing from moisture, it’s a good idea to open all of the drawers and cupboards, even if they are not wet. Remember, there is moisture in the air that can gather perspiration in closed spaces. Prevent this by allowing these spaces to air out and breathe. Good ventilation is your friend!

And Most Importantly…Call a Water Damage Professional Right Away!

At the first sign of a water damage emergency you should contact a water damage expert to find out what to do next. Your family’s health and safety should be the first priority.

The individuals at Service Solutions have many years of experience dealing with a wide variety of water related emergencies. They will provide you with the best advice about what you can do to help prevent your home from further damage as well as protect your valuables. They have a 24/7 emergency team ready for dispatch to assist you immediately with your water disaster. They will help you assess the situation and provide you with the appropriate advice about next steps.

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